About Us

Architectural Extracts is a contemporary design studio based in Cork County. We specialise in bespoke modern homes, but also have experience in various other sectors including passive house design, educational buildings, multi-scale residential schemes, urban multi-storey mixed use, community projects and commercial. 

Our team has great experience and combines a huge array of skill, knowledge, expertise and passion to bring unique solutions and creativity to our clients. We additionally have long standing relationships with external consultants and professionals that contribute to most projects. 

Our experience takes knowledge and time across various countries, continents and different cultural building typologies, and can be drawn upon at various stages throughout projects. 

We take a lot of pride in the highly visual service we offer our clients by helping them understand their project and the possibilities from an early stage. All of our visual creativity is produced in-house as a core element of our service.

We firmly believe that by giving our clients a full understanding of the spaces, materials and aspirations we aim to create for them, it allows confidence and peace of mind as projects move through the various stages of work and become real. 

The creation of unique and intimate bespoke residential spaces for our clients is a hugely compelling and incredibly satisfying job, which we thoroughly enjoy. We take our role very seriously, because, for most clients, the process may only be undertaken once in a lifetime. So, we need to make sure what we produce is the result of diligent interactions and understanding of our clients and their respective projects.  

Our portfolio emphasises the diversity of design skills at our disposal. Using our collective knowledge, skills and experience, accumulated over many years. We continuously aim to seek improvement in our design approach and refine our services, skills and knowledge to look for innovative design solutions to meet our clients’ aspirations. 

We have a record of excellent communication and highly satisfied clients who are happy to recommend our services.