Reservoir View (County Cork)

The clients’ site, in Dripsey, county Cork, was ideally situated for the creation of a house which could be designed to maximise solar orientation and positioning. 

Situated on an elevated position over-looking the Taiscumar Reservoir, the main living areas of the house could take advantage of the great position and wonderful views. 

The creation of an open plan kitchen, dining and living area, which was not one great void was a primary goal of the brief. Additionally, the creation of visual connections to the landscape and views over the water were of great importance to the clients.  

Minimal hard and soft landscaping was proposed to allow the existing natural vegetation to be retained, and reduce visual impact of a new building on the rural site. 

Keeping the building to single storey layout allowed the height and presence on the site to a minimal. 

The form of the house was in line with traditional single storey whiter render cottages, but with an additional flat roof adjoining central mass housing the living space. This connecting living area, clad in timber, visually breaks the two, white rendered, perpendicular forms, and creates the main central primary living space over- looking the water to the south.